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Alon PicAlon Ohad 37, has recently returned to Israel after spending 3 years abroad living in Australia and travelling in New Zealand, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico and some other places.
His paddling career started after a friend told him to try sea kayaking to alleviate the back pain he was suffering from. 6 years and a few serious expeditions later, Alon is still obsessed and keen to get a few more kilometres of water under his kayak.
His expeditions to date are:
2003 370 km of trips in Wales and Great Britain (with Misha Hoichman).
2003-2005 Paddling hundreds of kilometres along the New South Wales eastern coastline.
2005 1300 km circumnavigation of Tasmania, Australia, with Misha Hoichman.  240 km solo circumnavigation of Stewart Island(NZ), around latitude 47 south, way into the roaring 40's.  Whitewater paddling on different rivers in New Zealand.  Kayak surfing on the west coast of the USA.
2006 Circumnavigation of Ireland with Misha Hoichman.
Alon suffering from "serious kayak expedition" withdrawals and having never paddled in the Arctic decided to plan a trip to Svalbard after visiting Norway last year. Alon invited Tim to join him after Tim had vowed that the only time you would ever catch him swapping his white-water kayak for a sea kayak was if it was for something seriously big, some what demanding and mildly dangerous.

Tim PicTim Starr, at 32, is currently on the quest of having his haircut on all 7 continents - only one to go now, Europe. Along the way he might make it to paddle on them all as well.
First started in a boat on the lake at summer camp at the age of 12 it has been a part of his life ever since. shown his first whitewater at 14 he only remembers swimming and beating (the only kayaking event he ever won) his classmates in a slamon race winning a wetsuit.
Too preoccupied with rock climbing it wasn't until his late teens that he found kayaking again in new zealand and never let it go since. along the way he has visited some amazing countries, like uganda and nepal, dropped big waterfalls, gotten beaten up swimming creeks, attended the world freestyle championships as a judge and found new friends to boat with everywhere like the tour he just finished of argentina chile and peru.
after so many years of white water his kiwi girlfriend persuaded him to try some sea kayaking for a change. While madly hoping that his friends didn't catch him in the geek boat he had a good time in spite of himself checking out the seals whales and being rained on like nothing else. So while wandering through the antarctic trying to sea kayak a creek boat, he thought he might like to see some more whales and have a big mission at the same time. Thats where his nutball sea kayaking friend alon came in. After proposing a idea of his own, alon quickly set him straight and the mission to svalbard was born. although tim is unsure how he's going to explain visiting norway, a whitewater heaven, with a sea kayak to his boating buddies(they already are starting to look at him sideways). he is sure the views will be fantastic and his endurance stretched to the limit. tim can now be currently found in New Zealand following alon's rigorous training program (or at least thats what he is telling alon).

tim would like to thank his whitewater sponsers bliss-stick kayaks for his mystic to mission around in europe.

last updated April 2009