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The Expedition
We are attempting the first ever circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago which consists of three main islands Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet, Edgeøya and a number of smaller ones. The archipelago is the northern most part of Norway and is located between latitude 75° to 81° north. The Islands are some of the closest landmasses to the North Pole and are home to some of Europe's largest and most spectacular glaciers.

Here is a short film from the Expedition:

Our expedition will commence in mid June 2008 at Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen Island) where we will paddle clockwise to circumnavigate Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet and Edgeøya. Being so close to the Arctic Circle we will have close to 24 hours of daylight, all of which will be needed for some of the 18 hour paddling days that we anticipate as we travel past the steep ice walls that make up some of the coastline.

This expedition has never been attempted before and we are expecting the 1800 kilometre journey to take approximately 10 weeks. Being completely self supported our biggest concern is not, having a run in with a roaming polar bear, or negotiating the ice pack but running low on food and or fuel. We expect the trip will be immensely challenging but also a visually rewarding feast of stunning coastlines, breathtaking fjords and an array of wildlife.

An expedition like this could not happen without the invaluable support of our sponsors and a great deal of good quality high tech equipment.
Svalbard view
The Team
Tim Starr
At 32, Tim Starr is an avid, talented and enthusiastic white water kayaker, 17 years of experience has seen Tim paddling in New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, Africa and North and South America. When not paddling down rivers for fun Tim can be found working on them as a raft guide.
Tim can be contacted at .

Alon Ohad
A world travelled veteran of sea kayaking, Alon has a solid background of extreme expedition paddling. His taste for adventure has seen him circumnavigating Tasmania, Stewart Island and Ireland and when not negotiating wild coast lines can be found honing his white water skills on the river Jordan.
Alon can be contacted at .

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